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Eastport Yacht Club

"I recently had the pleasure of working with FSI as part of a 3 million dollar renovation project for our private club. We designed and outfitted an entire commercial kitchen with the help of Kevin Richards and his helpful and well informed staff. I am a thirty year veteran of the food service industry and Mr. Richards provided support that went well beyond my knowledge. This extensive knowledge of the equipment and food service operations in general proved to be critical to the proper function and cost management of the project."

"We have now lived with the project for nearly a year and half and as is the case with any project we have had occasional issues with equipment used in our venue. The response from the team at FSI has been exemplary in this regard. Their follow up and ongoing communications with vendors to support the products they supplied could not be improved upon. This support as well as their insight into the specific use of the new equipment has made for a smooth transition for our club and our staff."

"I am very pleased to say that the design, equipment choices and the ongoing support have exceeded our expectations and I would offer the highest recommendation to those considering the use of FSI services in the future."

-William P. Kocan, General Manager